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CondoGrade Impact

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The CondoGrade Impact (CG Impact) indicates the increase or decrease of a condo unit’s value as a result of the association’s financial health. Buyers and sellers can use the CG Impact to negotiate a fair price. Get your CondoGrade Report to see your CG Impact and discover what your condo is really worth.

I recommend getting a CondoGrade for both my buyer and seller clients. For my buyers, CondoGrade provides important insight into the health of a condo association before they make an offer or during our attorney review period. For my sellers, CondoGrade adds value to their home and gives me another marketing tool to promote their listing above the competition.

Alicia O'Toole,
Baird and Warner,
City North

CondoGrade was so helpful! I am a first time homeowner, and my closing kept getting delayed. My CondoGrade Report said that the reserves were low. I was able to factor this information into my budget so I can be prepared for future expenses. I would have never known what to ask or where to start if it weren't for them.

Alexis Lopez,

Too often in the mortgage industry, potential buyers are blind-sided late in the mortgage process when they find out a condominium association has financial issues which inhibits a buyer from getting a loan. A financially unhealthy association is an added risk and, in some cases, can prevent mortgage financing all together. CondoGrade is a unique tool that will help borrowers by providing financial information up-front so there are no surprises later in the mortgage transaction.

Tim Parent,
The Federal Savings Bank

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